• nishinoya: *walks into the room* what's up, fuckers *slaps asahi's ass, high fives tanaka, hinata swoons*

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and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’
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Time Sliced by Richard Silver | The idea behind the “Time Sliced” Project was to photograph iconic world buildings at sunset and capture the changing light from day to night in a single image. Experimenting with a few different kinds of processes I came up with the “Sliced” idea. I decided to Slice time and light showing the progression of the day from left to right.

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a magician asks you to pick a card - any card, in fact. you do. they ask you to put the card back in the pack - anywhere in the pack, in fact. you do. they walk away. ten years later, your wife gives birth to the six of clubs. “is this your card?” the midwife asks, in a familiar voice.

what the fuck

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a deleted scene probably

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KnB Tip Off // “The light that will score is Kise-kun.”

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP

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