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oops i made an additional thing for this dont even look at me they are ruining my liFE

I have this horrible headcannon that they’re tots together and Kagami is so embarrassed by eVERYTHING and Aomine just fucks with him all the time and is actually the super cute lovey one jgirsojvgslrwjustkillmepls

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some aomine/kagami things that i think people should know because they’re important:

  • aomine is the cuddliest ever. yeah he’s some psycho murder machine at basketball, but at home he loves throwing himself lazily at kagami, all loose long limbs and yawning, and using kagami’s chest as his pillow. he even makes this sort of pleased grumbling noise when kagami runs his fingers through his hair.
  • he’s just woken up and is really groggy and sleepy the first time he accidentally calls kagami ‘babe’. he doesn’t even notice it, just carries on talking like usual. kagami thinks of mocking him, but in the end he just says nothing and thinks oh god this fucking nerd.
  • aomine really likes kissing. like, a lot. kagami always thought aomine would be the sort of person to jump straight into business, but most of the time when aomine kisses him he doesn’t even try anything particularly sexual. they spend hours making out on the couch, all slow and lazy and with aomine’s hand on kagami’s jaw, keeping kagami in place.
  • they shave together always. or rather, kagami shaves aomine because his boyfriend is a lazy piece of shit of absolutely no use whatsoever during morning.
  • aomine is the biggest bed hog ever. every morning kagami wakes up cornered on the edge of the bed with only aomine’s arm around his waist keeping him from falling. kagami just half-heartedly kicks him, grumbles about aomine being the worst thing to happen to him, and then gets up to make breakfast for two. 

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thanks I didn’t know I needed this until I did THANKS GUYS JUST ADDING ANOTHER TO MY EVER GROWING LIST


AoMido eyyyyyyyyy

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Resident Evil au again.

only posting here because the image link on twitter is broken.

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